Color Club Community Circle - A Membership for Creative Souls

The Color Club Community Circle is now open open to new members–for a limited time!

Join a safe, uplifting and inspiring space to deepen into your spiritual journey and strengthen your connection with color, Spirit and your intuition.

You’ll learn how to tap into your inner knowing by exploring how color, art, meditation, yoga and energy cycles and patterns, can support your life in powerful, positive ways! 

Each month you’ll receive resources, live calls with Heather and the and an opportunity to have Heather do a color reading for you at members-only events!

So if you want to feel happy, at peace and confident that you've got all the best spiritual tools you need to face whatever comes your way, the Color Club Community Circle is calling out to you.

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An Inspiring and Supportive Journey into the Color Club Community Circle

Unlock the secrets of your chakra system and learn to perceive the subtle energies within



Experience the healing power of color and align your chakras for balance and vitality


Integrate inner rainbow wisdom into your life and manifest your dreams with clarity and purpose.

In the Color Club Community Circle, you’ll go from questioning things, doubting yourself and lacking direction, to feeling confident and purposeful whenever you connect with your intuition.

The Color Club Community Circle is a safe, supportive, and authentic community where you’ll discover your inner rainbow, inner wisdom and get answers to your deepest inner questions. You’ll learn to trust yourself and the messages you're getting from your Spirit, the Universe and Colors that surround you moment by moment.

learn from my years of spiritual growth work, healing art practice and intuitive perspectives:

You've heard the expression, "Everything Happens For A Reason". I believe it. I believe everything has a purpose, a function and an intention in our lives. And I believe that we're never alone and we're always being guided by Spirit. As creative souls of the Divine, we're each a vital piece of the cosmic puzzle, sharing profound life and energetic patterns as we learn, heal, and explore the universe both around us and within us.

These patterns are what I use to help support our journey here. In the  Color Club Community Circle, I'll be guiding us through 12 interconnected areas of focus. Together, they offer continuous opportunities for self-renewal, self-awareness, and personal growth through the transformative power of art.

As we complete each orbit and begin anew, we elevate our vibrational energy. Each cycle is never the same; we journey through it with heightened consciousness and deeper insight.

This Color Club Community Circle is the heart of our healing art workshops. Each year, we’ll travel together through these mystical energies, led by the intuitive whispers of our souls and the vibrant energy of color, creating art that heals and transforms.

Heather Eck is a courageous guide with tremendous energetic insight. Working with me, she immediately painted a red shape and identified how much it looked like a human heart. I recently had a CT scan (of my heart) and learned that I have zero arterial plaque (so I've been both focused on, and proud of, my heart health)! - Greg L. 

What people are saying

The whole experience of
working with Heather from start to finish was healing and inspiring. She truly possesses
special gifts of connection and creativity 
that make you feel seen  honored, and loved. - Kathleen O

The intuitive messages that came through resonated with me and she validated a lot of what I have been experiencing but just quite couldn’t put a finger on. Everything made so much sense to me. I really love how she was able to tune into my energy and explore my personal chakras to give me a reading. I am going to frame my portrait and meditate with it every day. It was truly spectacular. She is so gifted.” -Rose W

🖥️ LIVE Interactive Zoom Lesson:

What's in store for you!

Join Heather every month for a live zoom session.. With an available Q&A segment in every lesson, you can seek intuitive guidance and find community. 

🎨 Color Energy Readings

Heather offers color readings and intuitive insights into your queries.
Workbook to capture your ideas, thoughts and visions. 

🏘️ A Supportive Community

Join a group of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.


Online learning portal with lifetime access & replays.
Bonus: Invitation to Monthly "Colorize Your Life" Sessions
Bonus: Self Love Journal Prompts
Bonus: New free content as shared + more! 

Monthly membership 

Spirit Portrait

Unlock the Spirit Portrait Experience for just $97; a $247 value. Get a 1:1 Color Reading with Heather which includes an 11x14 Painting + a 30 minute virtual reading.

Experience guided meditations tailored to a monthly lesson. These meditations spotlight and enhance your best qualities and support the energy of the color and well-being. 

🧘🏼 Guided Meditations

🎨 Color Energy Readings

Heather offers color readings and intuitive insights into your queries.
Workbook to capture your ideas, thoughts and visions. 

Who is this for? 

✅ Color Enthusiasts: Anyone who is curious about color and the role it plays in their lives; color is for everyone! 

✅ Spiritual Seekers: If you're fascinated by the mysteries of the unseen, and have a passion for learning, tapping into the healing power of colors will help you delve into the spiritual aspects of the chakra system! 

✅ Self-Improvement Advocates: Those on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement will find this course a perfect fit. It's for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential and embrace a more vibrant, harmonious life.

✅ Intuitives and Empaths: If you have a keen sense of intuition or identify as an empath, this course will help you tune into your inner voice and harness the dynamic energy within you.

✅ Creative Souls: Artists, creatives, and anyone with an appreciation for the mystical and unseen will thrive in this colorful exploration of the chakras and the energies they hold.

✅ Community Seekers: Those who value community and shared growth will love the interactive, supportive environment. Volunteer color energy readings provide a unique opportunity for personal insight and collective connection.

This is for: 

If you have questions about whether this is for you, just email me:

A little sample of our monthly color club sessions!

In the Color Club Community Circle, you’ll discover the tools, community, and support you need to trust your intuition and your connection to the Universe, allowing you to navigate real-life changes and follow your soul-led desires.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to a rich library of:

  • How-to materials: Maximize your spiritual and artistic practices using the same techniques that guide me to stay connected to Spirit and harness the healing energy of colors.
  • Mini-lessons: Learn how to interpret your intuitive insights and create meaningful, healing art that speaks to your soul.
  • Guided meditations: Feel grounded and connected to your soul’s path, enhancing your creative flow and spiritual alignment.
  • Art and Intuition readings: Gain understanding of your journey through personalized insights and learn how to recognize and integrate the signs and synchronicities that Spirit places in your life.
  • Monthly new resources and experiences: Designed to bring more clarity and understanding of the deeper meanings, signs, and manifestations that guide your artistic and spiritual growth.

Everything you need to navigate the inspiring world of color, spirituality and healing; all while discovering your unique path forward.

Your Membership Includes

Access to replays + new content as added from our Colorize Your Life Sessions

Seasonal content, guidance and freebies to help support your spirit throughout the year. 

Free monthly print delivered to your inbox in three ways; let the healing energy of color offer you healing as we begin a new month! 

Special opportunities to get Spirit Portraits + Color Check In appointments without waiting. 

A little sample of our monthly color club sessions!

As you evolve, and grow spiritually, you'll uncover more about yourself and you may begin to find that different resources and modalities resonate more with you in different areas and seasons of life.

Sometimes, you may have ample time, while other times you might have less. You may crave more interaction or prefer to delve deeply into just a few areas. Listen to the whispers of your soul... everything you need is at your fingertips, whether on your tablet, computer, or phone, whenever and wherever you desire!

Finally, A Membership that helps you...feel more you.

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low monthly payment


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Join now and get this extra bonus…

Color Your Calm - Art for Anxiety 
Get my 2 hour self guided "Color Your Calm" Art for Anxiety Workshop - a $297 value for FREE! 
This course offers you art exercises, meditations, yoga and more insight into understanding yourself, your anxieties and how to use art, spirituality and intention to find peace, calm and ease. 

What is the "Color Club Community" course about?

The Color Club Community Circle is a membership program which includes monthly therapeutic art workshops, color readings, spiritual discussions, meditations and more! It's chock filled with color insights, community and support. 


What should I expect during each weekly session? 

Expect an immersive experience that includes exploring the chakras, engaging in tools and modalities to promote positivity, and participating in volunteer color energy readings. The session will be interactive, fostering a sense of community and shared growth.

What should I bring each session? 

Bring an open mind, a willingness to participate, and any personal items that help you feel comfortable and grounded, such as a journal, pen, and a comfortable place to sit. If you have any favorite crystals or objects related to your spiritual practice, feel free to have them with you.

What are volunteer color energy readings? 

Volunteer color energy readings are interactive sessions where participants can receive guidance and insight based on the colors present in their energy field. These readings are a unique way to connect with your inner self and the group, fostering a community of shared growth and connection.

What if I have more questions or need support? 

If you have any further questions or need additional support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or through our contact form on the website. We're here to help and ensure you have a transformative and enriching experience.

USD per month

low monthly payment


Select Your Membership Plan:

USD per year

get two months free! 



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