Heather Eck is an American born abroad in Landstuhl, Germany. After spending nearly 17 years in human resources, she departed to pursue art-making in 2019. Since then, her paintings have been featured in over twenty exhibitions in the U.S. Within her body of work, there is a rich assortment of spiritual topics and issues explored with soul-stirring vulnerability. Each piece studies an underlying interest in the mysteries of the universe, the great unseen and mystical. She examines universal questions of purpose, belonging, and healing. Almost autobiographical, Heather seeks to understand the grander questions and influences that shape and direct her life. Still, her paintings attempt to come to terms with energies we cannot see but are somehow making themselves known in our day-to-day existence. 

Through her artwork, Heather engages with clients and viewers in deep and meaningful ways. Her colorful canvas paintings connect by color meaning to the 7 Chakras of the body and are created from messages that she intuits from her spirit guides about the person or space for whom she creates. For the receiver, the paintings offer powerful guidance about spiritual areas that require healing and light, while they can also serve as a type of portrait of one’s spiritual energy. Her paintings speak more about spiritual awakening and expressions of spiritual thought. 

Artist, Activist, Facilitator, Intuitive and more. For real. 

"I commissioned Heather to create two custom paintings for one of the offices at my company. Not only were both pieces the perfect energetic accent for my space, the whole experience of working with Heather from start to finish was healing and inspiring. She truly possesses
special gifts of connection and creativity 
that make you feel seen, honored, and loved."

"She truly possesses special gifts..you feel seen, honored and loved."

"Heather’s artwork “In Joy” has been a delight and inspiration to have in my office. I remember first seeing it on Instagram when she began creating it in November. At the time, I was admiring the colors and flow but little did I know, I would purchase it months later. There’s
a lot of meaning behind the colors in this masterpiece that fit perfectly with me and my company’s mission. It’s a beautiful daily reminder of how my work is important and how God is watching over me. "

"There's a lot of meaning in the colors"

“I was amazed at how accurate she was when describing what she felt when she saw my face and how that translates to what I want to do for my clients – I want them to find their authentic selves and live their best lives! She chose colors that are among my favorites: blue, aqua, teal, etc. I was so pleased with the entire experience that I have recommended her to my friends and family.” - Justin

"Heather's process is so unique and individualized."

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As Seen In:

As Seen In:

It all comes back to COLOR! 

“Architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals.” – Dr.Claudia Miller

When we experience beauty it gives us pleasure… a sense of awe and wonder. It lowers our heart rate. Blood pressure. Beauty creates a biological response…and arousal.

 “Beauty is the superpower that sustains us over the millennia.”

-Susan Magsamen, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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