Heather Eck is a modern artist, mystic, author, and spiritual teacher. She founded Heather Eck Studios to share joy, beauty, and wisdom, embodying her spirituality through painting and spiritual teaching. Her award-winning artwork has been exhibited in nearly 30 group shows and more than ten solo shows. She is an acrylic painting teacher at numerous facilities in the Triangle Area. Her art and spiritual work have been featured in Vogue, Midtown Magazine, Cary Magazine, Main & Broad, WRAL, Canvas Rebel, Voyage Raleigh, Voyage Atlanta, and many more. She is frequently a podcast guest on the intersection of art, color, and spirituality. 

Heather was born in Landstuhl, Germany, raised in Delaware, and now calls Raleigh, North Carolina, home. She has an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies in human resources, a minor in art from the University of Delaware, and an Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification from Authentic Leadership Coaching Academy. She is working on a book of art and poetry influenced by her intuitive, spiritual, and activist work. 

Meet Heather, your new spiritual BFF.

Heather's interest in Spirituality began in childhood and continued throughout college. She continues her soul discovery and personal growth journey and considers herself a lifelong learner. She has studied A Course in Miracles and the Bible, has attended classes at the Art of Living Center and The One Light Center, and has taken many courses in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Archangelic Light, Angel Card Reading and Healing, and more. She is a certified Visionary Art Therapist who teaches therapeutic art classes online and in person. She continues to be a student of spirituality taught by various teachers on spiritual wisdom and the soul. She has extensive knowledge of Color, Chakras, Symbology, Auras, and Numerology. 

Heather has been on a spiritual quest for joy and purpose for over a decade and has had several initiatory awakening experiences since her early 20s. From childhood anxiety to corporate burnout, she has found and is joyfully living her soul's purpose, and she wants to help others do the same. Heather is developing the Courageous Creativity Course to work on all chakra centers so that you can embody the art and color needed to unlock intuition and banish burnout. She hopes that students who take the course start living their purposes with joy and fulfillment.

Heather is a creative conduit who believes artists are channelers of the divine and that we are connected. She creates her work through channeling, a conversation with God through her artwork. She is highly clairsentient and paints through her third-eye vision, a condition known as synesthesia. Colors are expressions of energy, and Heather sees much in the symbols and colors that come through when painting or offering a Spirit or Soul painting. She’s an expert in synchronizing healing color, intention, and symbol (sacred geometry/mandala) energies to manifest a piece that provides healing to its viewer. 

She has created hundreds of paintings to help clients manifest their intentions and bring high-vibrational, positive, and healing energy to their homes and offices.


Before becoming a professional painter and spiritual teacher, she worked as an HR Manager and Coach for creative industries in New York and North Carolina. 

Her work is deeply rooted in spiritual and Biblical themes and imparts joy, beauty, and wisdom, the most authentic expression of her soul. You can feel the spiritual calming that informs and soothes through vibrant and saturated colors. Her works become joyful objects of life, and expressive, energetic brushstrokes speak to your spirit. If you want to find a piece of art with deep cosmic meaning and healing energy, you are in the right place.




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