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Ready to create a colorful life, feel better and be more connected? Spirit Portraits help you release emotional blockages and gain clarity on your purpose. 

Spirit Portraits 

Painting with the Colors of Your Soul: Where Art Meets Spirituality 

In my art, spirituality meets synesthesia; my senses intermingle, and colors take on deeper meaning. As I paint, I let my intuition guide, infusing each intentional mark with the essence of the Chakra system. This process uncovers hidden aspects of the soul allowing me to see blockages, opportunities for healing and how to help you find more clarity, fulfillment and alignment. I invite you to explore the beauty of the unseen and the profound within every color and brushstroke with your very own Spirit Portrait. 

I realized I was experiencing 
everything through color.

Introducing the "Spirit Portrait"

These portraits are not just art; they are messages of love and inspiration. They hold the power to uplift and transform, reminding you of the beauty and magic that reside within you and the boundless wonders of the Universe.

Welcome to a world where color and spirituality converge, where your soul's story is painted in vivid hues. Explore my Spirit Portraits and let your inner light shine through artistry, intuition, and synesthetic magic.

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Much more than art; my paintings are messages of love. 

imagine seeing your radiant spirit

a painting that tells a story of your spirit 


Book Your Spirit Portrait for yourself or someone else. Portraits can be done for pets, and folks living or deceased. 

Send Me Your Photo via text or email. It doesn't have to be professional; a selfie will suffice. 

Hop on the Zoom for your reading! In our intimate 30 minute session, we will cover your colors, messages and meaning behind your painting. 

I want a Spirit Portrait - how does it work? 





“Heather’s process is so unique and individualized. I was amazed at how accurate she was when describing what she felt when she saw my face and how that translates to what I want to do for my clients – I want them to find their authentic selves and live their best lives! She chose colors that are among my favorites: blue, aqua, teal, etc. I was so pleased with the entire experience that I have recommended her to my friends and family.” with my spirit and provided clarity which I didn’t imagine 
to find through colors and imagery."

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