Amplify Your Inner Rainbow
Live Virtual Workshop

Its time you knew that you could change your mood, your energy levels and uplift your life with the colors you wear, decorate with and visualize!

Release emotional blockages, improve your mood and uplift your energy - with color. 

Introducing AMPLIFY YOUR INNER RAINBOW - a four week live, interactive workshop to help you release emotional blocks, unlock your creativity and live a healthier, happier and more intentional life!

Your Complete Roadmap to Discover How Color Can Help You Heal
In Just FOUR Weeks

maybe you've been feeling a little like this...

Waking up in the morning feels hard; you've got low energy, and you're yearning for a quiet moment to close your eyes and breathe. You know there's something more out there for you, but you don't have the energy to look for it - and you don't exactly know what you're looking for. I've been there. I've felt that way too. 

Ready to live a more colorful life? Imagine You Could...

Quiet overwhelm and anxiety and wake up each morning feeling empowered and excited about taking on the day, knowing there's a secret language you're speaking with the universe; one that revolves around the hidden truth of color, chakras and wellbeing. 

Unlock the secrets of your chakra system and learn to perceive the subtle energies within



Experience the healing power of color and align your chakras for balance and vitality


Integrate inner rainbow wisdom into your life and manifest your dreams with clarity and purpose.

for a limited time

Join a safe, uplifting and inspiring space to deepen into your spiritual journey and strengthen your connection with Spirit and your intuition. You’ll learn how to tap into your inner knowing by exploring how color, Chakras and energetic cycles can play a positive role in your life in the present moment.
Each week you’ll receive resources, live calls with Heather and an opportunity to have Heather do color readings for you at each session! If you want to feel at peace and confident that you have all the spiritual tools you need to face whatever comes your way, the Amplify Your Inner Rainbow course is calling out to you.

Week 1: Learn: Understand the Chakras, Color Meaning and Well-Being

Week 2: Heal: Learn Simple Self-Care Practices for Every Chakra Center 

Week 3: Create: Intentional Art, Journaling and Meditations to improve your life. 

Week 4: Live: Plan and implement practical ways to incorporate color into your life to manifest your dreams.

Inside the course


Heather Eck is a courageous guide with tremendous energetic insight. Working with me, she immediately painted a red shape and identified how much it looked like a human heart. I recently had a CT scan (of my heart) and learned that I have zero arterial plaque (so I've been both focused on, and proud of, my heart health)! - Greg L. 

What people are saying

The whole experience of
working with Heather from start to finish was healing and inspiring. She truly possesses
special gifts of connection and creativity 
that make you feel seen  honored, and loved. - Kathleen O

The intuitive messages that came through resonated with me and she validated a lot of what I have been experiencing but just quite couldn’t put a finger on. Everything made so much sense to me. I really love how she was able to tune into my energy and explore my personal chakras to give me a reading. I am going to frame my portrait and meditate with it every day. It was truly spectacular. She is so gifted.” -Rose W

🖥️ 4 LIVE Interactive Zoom Lesson:

What's in store for you!

Join Heather every week for a live zoom session for over a four week period. With an available Q&A segment in every lesson, you can seek intuitive guidance and find community. 

🏘️ A Supportive Community

Join a group of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.


Online learning portal with lifetime access & replays.
Bonus: Invitation to "Colorize Your Life" Session
Bonus: Self Love Journal Prompts
Bonus: New free content as shared + more! 

Four week course For $297 includes:

Spirit Portrait

When you pay in full, get a special coupon to unlock the Spirit Portrait Experience for just $97; a $247 value. Get a 1:1 Color Reading with Heather which includes an 11x14 Painting + a 30 minute virtual reading.

🧘🏼 Guided Meditations

Experience guided meditations tailored to a weekly lesson. These meditations spotlight and enhance your best qualities and support the energy of the color and well-being. 

🎨 Color Energy Readings

Heather offers color readings and intuitive insights into your queries.
Workbook to capture your ideas, thoughts and visions. 

Who is this for? 

✅ Color Enthusiasts: Anyone who is curious about color and the role it plays in their lives; color is for everyone! 

✅ Spiritual Seekers: If you're fascinated by the mysteries of the unseen, and have a passion for learning, tapping into the healing power of colors will help you delve into the spiritual aspects of the chakra system! 

✅ Self-Improvement Advocates: Those on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement will find this course a perfect fit. It's for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential and embrace a more vibrant, harmonious life.

✅ Intuitives and Empaths: If you have a keen sense of intuition or identify as an empath, this course will help you tune into your inner voice and harness the dynamic energy within you.

✅ Creative Souls: Artists, creatives, and anyone with an appreciation for the mystical and unseen will thrive in this colorful exploration of the chakras and the energies they hold.

✅ Community Seekers: Those who value community and shared growth will love the interactive, supportive environment. Volunteer color energy readings provide a unique opportunity for personal insight and collective connection.

If you have questions about whether this is for you, just email me:

Monday, September 16

The next cohort kicks off:

Module 1: Learn 
Introduction to the course
Introduction to Chakras 
7:00 - 8:30 PM ET, Live Zoom 

Monday, September 30

Monday, October 7

Module 3: Create 
Therapeutic Art and Color
Color Readings
7:00 - 8:30 PM ET, Live Zoom 

Module 4: Live 
Color in our Homes and Closets
Practical application and forward steps
7:00 - 8:30 PM ET, Live Zoom

All live sessions will be available for replay the next day with lifetime access. 

Monday, September 23

Module 2: Heal 
Understanding Color Healing
Chakras and Self Care
7:00 - 8:30 PM ET, Live Zoom 

Pay In Full

Three payments of $99

Pay in full and get immediately access to the course + entry to a drawing to win a FREE Spirit Portrait valued at $197. 


Get immediate access to the course materials. Plus free bonuses included! 

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"Amplify Your Inner Rainbow" is a 4-week transformative journey designed to help you explore and align your chakras, unlocking the spectrum of colors within you. The course includes tools and modalities to dissolve negativity and manifest positivity, empowering you to tune into your vibrant inner voice and embrace your colorful intuition.


This course is ideal for color enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, self-improvement advocates, intuitives, empaths, creative souls, and anyone who values community and shared growth. If you have an open mind and a willingness to explore the metaphysical aspects of your being, this course is for you.


Expect an immersive experience that includes exploring the chakras, engaging in tools and modalities to promote positivity, and participating in volunteer color energy readings. The session will be interactive, fostering a sense of community and shared growth.


No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. The course is designed to be accessible to everyone, whether you're new to chakra work and color energy or have some experience.

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Pay In Full

Three payments of $99

Pay in full and get immediately access to the course + entry to a drawing to win a FREE Spirit Portrait valued at $197. 


Get immediate access to the course materials. Plus free bonuses included! 


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