Colorize Your Life - Monthly Art Workshops!

New color and energy topics each month

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Get ready to immerse yourself in color, creativity and enlightenment with my monthly art workshops. Topics, colors and themes change each month!

Colorize Your Life 

Special bonuses and discounts on Spirit Portraits

Supportive community of spiritual seekers

Guided meditations

Color readings & Intuitive insights 

Break through emotional blocks 

Explore art, color, meditation, & energy cycles

Free replay included 

90 Minute Therapeutic Art Workshop

Here's Why You'll Love This

Monthly color & energy workshop

Ooh La La

Kathleen O

The whole experience of
working with Heather from start to finish was healing and inspiring. She truly possesses
special gifts of connection and creativity 
that make you feel seen honored, and loved. 

Rose w. 

The intuitive messages that came through resonated with me and she validated a lot of what I have been experiencing but just quite couldn’t put a finger on. Everything made so much sense to me. I really love how she was able to tune into my energy and explore my personal chakras to give me a reading. I am going to frame my portrait and meditate with it every day. It was truly spectacular. She is so gifted.”

Greg L.

Heather Eck is a courageous guide with tremendous energetic insight. Working with me, she immediately painted a red shape and identified how much it looked like a human heart. I recently had a CT scan (of my heart) and learned that I have zero arterial plaque (so I've been both focused on, and proud of, my heart health)! 

Maria g.

I am so grateful for my Spirit Portrait and my intimate session with Heather. My piece is intensely personal and it confirmed for me that I am doing the proper internal work to gain my heart's desire. The intuitive session and all of its messages were truly life-affirming. 


What People Are Saying

An Inspiring and Supportive Journey Color, Art and Spirituality

Colorize Your Life: Join Heather on a 90 minute transformative journey to explore your chakras and unlock the spectrum of colors within you. Discover how aligning these energy centers can illuminate your path to inner harmony and unleash the radiant hues of your spirit.

Volunteer Color Energy Readings: Through these interactive sessions, everyone will have the opportunity to receive guidance and insight, fostering a community of shared growth and connection. 

Embrace Your Colorful Intuition: Trust your instincts and embrace the kaleidoscope of intuition that resides within you. Heather will empower you to tune into your vibrant inner voice and harness the dynamic energy that flows through every shade of your being.

Tools for Transformation: Dive deep into tools and modalities designed to dissolve negativity and manifest positivity in your life. 

The "I love a good bonus and discounts' team

The "I want to find a community" folks

The 'please give me a moment of zen' people

The 'I want to level up my intuition' folks

The emotional block busters

The spiritual meditators, & energy enthusiasts

The fascinated by the universe & have passion for learning

The color curious & eager to learn crew

You're Gonna Love This

Color lovers, spiritual seekers, self-love junkies

Who is this for?


My goal is to help you do the same! Join me for monthly workshops, healing art courses and more. 

A recovering people pleaser, I've been working with the healing energy of art, color and meditation to elevate my vibe and increase my intuition. 

I thrive on bright, colorful canvases and sushi rolls.


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A little sample of our monthly WORKSHOPS!

Everything you need to navigate the inspiring world of color, spirituality and healing; all while discovering your spirit's unique path forward.

In the Colorize Your Life Workshops, you'll find the tools, community, and support you need to trust your intuition and connection to the Universe, helping you navigate real-life changes and follow your soul-led desires.

Each session provides:
  • How-to exercises so you can make the most of your spiritual practice using the same tools and techniques that Heather relies on to stay connected to Spirit
  • Mini-lessons on how to work with colors and chakras to gain deeper insights and foster personal growth
  • Guided meditations to help you feel grounded and connected to your soul’s path
  • Therapeutic art sessions led by Heather to explore your inner world and unlock healing through creativity
  • New resources and experiences monthly, designed to help you gain more clarity and understanding of meanings, signs, synchronicities, and manifestation
  • Join us to embark on a transformative journey, color your life with healing energy, and unlock your full potential!

Your workshop also includes:

Free Replay
If you register but can't attend, just catch the replay.

Free Color Club Community on Facebook + more bonuses as added. 

Exclusive Discount on Spirit Portraits and Color Readings (Valued at $247)

Free Monthly Calendar Club - Free Print delivered to your inbox each month! 

pay in full

One Payment
Immediate + Lifetime Access
25% off Spirit Portraits

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3 Payments

Three Payment
Immediate + Lifetime Access
25% off Spirit Portraits

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