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36×36, 2024, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas I am lucky enough to have just come back from a Spiritual retreat in Savannah, GA, a hauntingly beautiful piece of southern history adorned with mossy trees, vibrant color and inspiring SCAD kids who are and will always be cooler than me. It was a wonderful week of laughing […]

He Stills The Waters – A Spiritual Rumination

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I’m so excited to introduce to you, my new blog! It’s bright, shiny and will be a place for me to capture musings on life, art and everything in between, which seems to be A LOT. So lean back, relax and let the color waves of healing wash over you as I kick off the […]

Heather Eck is an artist in her studio sitting on a bench next to a canvas with a blue and white painting.

Welcome, friends!