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How a near car accident offered me Christmas in June

Has anyone else noticed the world’s unsettling state, particularly since the onset of the 2020 pandemic? It’s a period that will undoubtedly remain etched in our memories, for better or worse, as it brought about significant changes.

Just this morning, as I was driving to my art class in an over-55 community, I was abruptly reminded of the term ‘unstable ‘. I found myself in the right lane, approaching a yellow light. Out of nowhere, a man in a large black SUV turned into my lane, narrowly missing me. The shock, fear, and worry that coursed through me in that instant were indescribable.

I didn’t even have time to hit my horn; I just blurted, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” in my car as I swiftly moved out of the lane and, shaking, pulled into a parking lot. I was stunned. Not only was I furious that this person seemed to have no regard for our collective safety, but he also appeared to have not seen me or chose not to see me. I was shaken and irritated and took it as an opportunity to ‘phone a friend.’ I felt myself going down a dark and frustrating energy and wanted to shake it. Her quick response was to ‘breathe in, breathe out’ and to offer this man a blessing to clear it from my energy.

When I got back into my car after the errand, I had managed to calm myself down a bit, but a lingering anxiety about continuing to drive still clung to me. As I started up the engine, to my utter surprise, my stereo began playing a CD in my car; it was Christmas music. Johnny Mathis. My all-time favorite Christmas Album. The unexpected joy that flooded my heart in that moment was a welcome relief.

This was one of those cheeky winks from the Universe, my grandmother, whom we called the Christmas Queen.

In order to get a CD to play in my car, you have to hit a series of three buttons: Radio, Media, and CD. I hadn’t done any of that, but something had.

A few nights ago, I watched a great series called “Loot” on Apple TV. The lead, Molly, finds herself in a precarious situation at her friend Arthur’s house. While he’s fetching an ice pack for her ankle, she puts on the record player. The record starts playing Christmas music, and Arthur explains how when he’s feeling sort of down, Christmas music cheers him up, and Molly agrees.

As the Christmas music began to play in my car this morning, a wave of cheerfulness washed over me, lifting my spirits. It’s no secret that Christmas holds a special place in my heart, and the fact that this music started playing when I needed it most was both a mystery and a blessing.

I hope that in moments like these, you too, have a friend to phone and a that you have a go to calming technique to bless and clear your energy.

This month, I’ll be hosting a healing art workshop called, “Colorize Your Life – An Intro to the Root Chakra and the Color Red”. Red, a color associated with holidays like Valentines Day and Christmas, offers the Root Chakra a sense of stability, strength and safety. When I found myself closing in on an accident today, my root chakra flared up; I felt unsafe, unseen and frightened. Think of the root chakra as your energetic and emotional well-being bedrock. When it’s balanced, you’re like a tree with deep roots, able to withstand life’s storms while standing tall and strong. 

Join me for a workshop on Thursday, June 27; from 7 – 8:30 PM ET.

What to Expect in the Workshop:

  • Meditation Sessions: Guided meditations to ground your energy and foster a sense of stability.
  • Creative Art Exercises: Use the power of color and artistic expression to unblock and balance your root chakra.
  • Journaling Prompts: Reflective journaling to gain insights and clarity on various aspects of your life.
  • Interactive Discussions: Share experiences and insights with fellow participants in a supportive environment.
  • Practical Tools: Learn techniques to easily incorporate into your daily routine to maintain balance and grounding.

Just $22 with Replay Included! Get your ticket here. And if it’s your first time attending a class with me, use promo code “FIRSTCLASS” to save 50%.  https://heathereck.com/inner-rainbow-workshop

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