Live Online Class With Color Expert and Intuitive Artist Heather Eck

Date: June 27 (Typically last Thursday of the Month)
Time: 7-8:30 pm ET (US & Canada)
Replay included when you sign up. 

  • Colorize Your Life: Join Heather on a 90 minute transformative journey to explore your chakras and unlock the spectrum of colors within you. Discover how aligning these energy centers can illuminate your path to inner harmony and unleash the radiant hues of your spirit.
  • Tools for Transformation: Dive deep into tools and modalities designed to dissolve negativity and manifest positivity in your life. 
  • Embrace Your Colorful Intuition: Trust your instincts and embrace the kaleidoscope of intuition that resides within you. Heather will empower you to tune into your vibrant inner voice and harness the dynamic energy that flows through every shade of your being.
  • Volunteer Color Energy Readings: Through these interactive sessions, everyone will have the opportunity to receive guidance and insight, fostering a community of shared growth and connection. 

Color, Art, Meditation and Healing

What's in store for you:
  • 🖥️ LIVE Interactive Zoom Lesson: Join Heather every month for a live zoom session that connects to the energy of the month's theme. With an available Q&A segment in every lesson, you can seek intuitive guidance, connect with like-minded individuals, and establish intentions for the month ahead. 
  • Lessons will vary each month and replays are available. Gain expertise in energy management and spiritual growth through monthly lessons aligned with the month's theme, including modalities for healing, growing, and developing your intuition. 

  • 🧘🏼 Guided Meditations: Experience guided meditations tailored to a monthly theme. These meditations spotlight and enhance your best qualities and support the energy of the coming month.

  • 🎨 Color Energy Readings: Heather offers color readings and intuitive insights into your queries.

  • 🏘️ A Supportive Community: Join a group of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of color, creativity, and enlightenment. Your journey towards inner wellbeing awaits! 🌈✨



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