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In a recent blog post, I shared a personal encounter on the road that led to reflecting on the unsettling state of the world. This experience also served as a reminder of the need for grounding and stability in our lives. As a response to this, I’m excited to announce an upcoming healing art workshop called “Colorize Your Life – An Intro to the Root Chakra and the Color Red.” In this workshop, we’ll explore techniques such as guided meditations, creative art exercises, reflective journaling, and interactive discussions, all aimed at fostering stability and balance in our lives. If you’re interested in participating, the workshop is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, from 7 – 8:30 PM ET. You can find more details and secure your spot using the provided link. Remember, first-time attendees can benefit from a special 50% discount by using the promo code “FIRSTCLASS.”

Heather Eck is an artist in her studio sitting on a bench next to a canvas with a blue and white painting.

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